Running is a great way to get fitter as a part of cardio exercises, but there are alternative workouts that will help you burn your calories and sculpt your muscles at the same time. Those in Hong Kong looking to join the gym but dread running should embrace this five great cardio exercises to get in shape;


  1. Skipping Rope
    The jump rope is the perfect all-round exercise tool that one should have. Skipping rope gives a person balance and leg strength, it improves foot speed and gets the blood pumping. In the process, it burns upto ten calories per minute and aids in bulding resistance for the upper body.


  1. Swimming
    Swimming is more vigorous among cardio exercises compared to running due to the amount of energy that is used. It’s a low-impact exercise that develops cardio-respiratory fitness, builds muscles and burns calories while protecting your joints. It also has an added advantage since the pool maintains one’s core temperature down. Hence they can last longer.


  1. Indoor Rowing
    Just like swimming, it’s a low-impact exercise that protects your joints. It’s a blend of strength training and cardio exercises which requires equal efforts from both the lower and the upper body. For beginners, the stroke can feel counterintuitive. They are advised to take things slowly (putting their back into consideration) until they are familiar with the movements involved.


  1. Cycling
    Cycling is on the top list of cardio exercises with running. It’s great since one can change their intensity depending on the terrain that they choose. The indoor version of cycling is known as spinning. While spinning and clipped in at the same time, focus more on the upward motion since it targets your hamstrings and glutes. It actually sculpts your lower body and burns more calories in return.


  1. Kettlebell Swings
    It doesn’t matter what your goals are; kettlebell swing belongs in everyone’s workout regime. The weights resemble a bowling ball that has a handle which make weights unstable and requires one to recruit their core muscles to balance themselves while exercising. It hits almost every muscle from one’s heel to their neck. It helps in a great posture, core strength and building explosive power.


Most people hate running while others have conditions that won’t allow them to run. It does not mean that they can’t do their cardio workout. Remember, one can turn almost every workout into cardio exercises. They should just consider upping the speed and intensity of their exercise routine. If you’re a beginner, check with your doctor or trainer before venturing into vigorous exercise.